Dr. Christian Baldauf

Dr. Christian Baldauf joined Grey Bruce Health Services in 2004, as radiologist and Director of MRI Services.

“I wanted to go to a smaller community and provide high quality imaging.” Baldauf says, “I feel rural communities should have the same quality of care as urban centres.”

Born and raised in rural Kentucky, Baldauf received his post-secondary education in Canada. Following the University of Guelph, Baldauf studied medicine in Ottawa and it was while he was doing his radiology residency that Dr. Colin McIver, then chief radiologist for GBHS, contacted him about coming to Owen Sound to run a new MRI.

Before he could, GBHS radiologists assisted him with a one-year fellowship in MRI at the University of Miami. It was an intensive year of study that provided Dr. Baldauf with exposure to MRI in diagnosing a wide range of disease.

MRI enables doctors to see inside the human body in a non-invasive way. “Basically, the patient is put inside a strong magnetic field,” Baldauf explains, “and then radio frequency pulses are applied.”

“This energizes hydrogen protons in the patient, hydrogen being one of the basic atoms in the molecules which we’re made up of. Radio pulses make the hydrogen atoms dance. The way they dance tells us exactly what kind of tissue is there, because disease processes each have their own kind of dance.”

“You can imagine the importance after 14 years of replacing our MRI machine. Our new MRI will be state of the art and the technology is incredible”. Next generation scanners are much faster. “Faster is important because we want the patient in the MRI for as short a time as possible so they are less prone to motion.” Less movement increases the quality of test results.

“MRI can find things that no other imaging modality can. It saves lives. To know that you have contributed to something that can make that much of a difference to someone – you can’t help but feel good about that.”

“My sincere thanks to everyone who supports this important cause. Your donations equal finding disease – which equals saving lives.”

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